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​To Your Health Holistic Wellness

~ Nourish Your Body ~ Balance Your Mind ~ Feed Your Soul ~

To Your Health offers a Holistic approach to a healthy Body, Mind and Soul through classes, workshops, services and coaching.  We emphasize the importance of mindful prevention by incorporating the 'whole person' approach to Your Health.  Understand your innate ability to heal yourself with a deeper knowledge of the powerful effects of proper nutrition and a healthier lifestyle. Strengthen your Body and your Mind with smart, healthy living.


As founder and educator at To Your Health, I, Laraine Schigotzki create a warm and welcoming environment to help you on your path to better Health and Well-Being.  I look forward to being your personal (and very enthusiastic) advocate in a new and healthier lifestyle.  Be Well My Friends...


"I raise my glass to You and toast, "To Your Health"!

                                                                                   Laraine Schigotzki

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