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Psychic Reading Services

Kristin Lindemann is a Master Psychic specializing in Divination.  Readings are conducted within a variety of frameworks depending on the need and desire of the client.  Pick your pleasure from the menu or let Kristin customize a blended measure just right for you!  Enjoy a complimentary energy infusion with your psychic reading.  Pick an essential oil from Kristin's spiritual toolbox and let the essence of the oil guide your journey.  Relax and enjoy your experience!  Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.  Many Blessings to All.

Angel Reading
Angels are divine heavenly Beings of Light recognized by every spiritual tradition.  These beautiful Beings act as Beacons of Love in every moment and exist to serve humanity.  They offer much support, knowledge, love and light to all who ask.
Ascended Masters
Ascended Masters work from the higher dimensions of consciousness to serve humanity.  These divine beings have experienced life in the third dimension and through the pursuit of their spiritual path have ascended to a higher vibratory frequency of Light. They offer much guidance, knowledge, love and light to all who seek answers and illumination in their life.
Love and Relationship
Everyone ultimately just wants the Love.  Whether you are in a relationship or not, this reading provides insight into your ability to Love.  How open is your Heart?  Your sound check is right here.
Past Life
Our Soul is Eternal and Infinite.  We exist on a timeless continuum through space and dimension and carry our multiple experiences in our body's cellular memory.  In this reading you may access information about these past lives to harness new opportunities in your present life.  This information provides fascinating insight into previously unsolved mysteries about why we are the way we are.
Soul & Life Purpose Reading
We are all Souls in a Body having an Experience.  The markers in this reading keep us on track and illuminate the Life Path inherent in our Soul's Divine Original Blueprint.  Not sure what you are  here for?  This reading is for you.                            

       Psychic Reading Services

Tarot for the Road
 The symbols in these cards offer pictorial answers to any question.  The cards are archetypal and universal, and therefore reflective of all who desire insight on the road.  Seek and ye shall find!  Your answers are right here.
Wealth and Abundance
This reading focuses on Abundance in every life area.  Through symbol and guidance gleaned, your focus will sharpen on areas of opportunity in your health, your financial life, your emotional life, your career, your family life, and your spiritual life.        
About Kristin:
Kristin offers a variety of different readings and blended healing services.  She works in  several places by arrangement and remotely by phone.  Healings are a custom blend of Spiritual Response Therapy, Reiki, and channeled light.  Healings may also include any channeled messages delivered in that sacred space.   Healings are offered in one hour intervals at $125.00  Healing Meditation Circles are held monthly.  Topics vary every month. The cost is $25.
Readings are conducted in person or remotely by appointment.  Reading prices vary with the amount of time spent.  Hourly rates are $100. Half hour readings are $55.  For your reading, you may pick your area of interest from the options available, or just open to the messages in your highest and best good.  All readings include a complimentary energetic infusion.  The reading is always a combination of energy transmission, spiritual counseling, and channeled messages.
 Kristin hosts psychic fairs and aroma psychic parties by special arrangement featuring Young Living therapeutic grade essential oils.  For party services, the host receives a free 15 minute reading and all guests receive a handcrafted gift.  The types of readings offered may be customized to your party theme and all options are tailored to your specific needs.
Kristin teaches all levels of Reiki in the Usui tradition and currently hosts classes in Manalapan and Red Bank, NJ.  Classes are held every month.  Private classes are also available by special arrangement.  In addition, a discount is available if you would like to host a class in your own home for three or more people. Please see the Reiki flyer for more details about Reiki and the classes offered.  


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